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LRM Design LLC is first and foremost a design firm whose goal is to take a conceptual idea to schematic designs and mold that plan to form a finished design. 

In our experience is that the projects are the most successful with a clear path to the final outcome. It is a receipt of ideas, visions of beautiful materials, function and proportion of space, the selection of the best individuals to achieve the ultimate product.


We offer Design and Construction Services for the residential home improvement projects in the Greater New Orleans and Southern Mississippi areas for the following categories:


  • Kitchen Remodeling, Renovation or New Construction

  • Bathroom Remodeling, Renovation or New Construction

  • Interior Design Services

  • Pool New Construction and Rehab

  • Outdoor Pavilions and Structures or Additions

  • Landscape Design and Hardscape Solutions

  • Custom Cabinetry and Millwork Design

design start to finish

Although each project is unique our services touch many, if not most of the following items and workflow schedule: 


Client Consultation: 

  • Understanding the needs and demands of the project, client goals, scope, and budget. 

Discovery process of design 

  • Evaluation of site/space goals

  • Concept schematics (ideas to explore) 

  • Revision of schematics into one overall plan

Plans for Construction  

  • Plans for a permit to implement in the construction phase

  • Building a selection of all materials for ordering and budgeting

Project Management of the LRM Design Team

  • Scheduling, sourcing, and management of in-house and third-party tradesmen

  • Sourcing, purchasing, ordering materials and management of materials scheduling and logistics

  • Consultation of all fieldwork, which includes onsite management of day to day operations of the construction phase, overseeing codes and national building requirements

Final Job Phase

  • Sourcing and purchasing of hardware finishes, home goods such as drapery, furniture, and lighting. 


After a time when the planning process is completed by the LRM Design for the Client, the Client may enter into an additional stage of service known as Project Management. 


Project Management includes, but is not limited to the following services: 

  • On-site full-time supervision

  • Construction Management of In-house craftsmen and Third-party vendors.

  • Execution of local and parish inspections, Thur Certificate of Occupancy. 

  • Onsight problem solving with all issues arising in the natural course of the construction stage.

  • Customer Coordination

  • Continuous design services, and evaluation. 

  • Design-Build Services relating to the execution of the order of work for the proposed project. 


Design-Build Services include but are not limited to the execution of the order of work for the proposed project including

Mobilization, logistics and the selection, ordering, and placement of the building and design materials,

procuring services performed by independent third-party contractors

and the negotiation of quotes, timeframes and other services rendered by third-party contractors and/or the LRM Design 

LRM Design will serve as a mediator in Client and Third Party Contractor relations.  

  • Further design services for final job phases including finishes, hardware finishes, home goods such as drapery, and lighting.   

in-house craftsman

Not only does LRM Design serve our clients with the delivery of luxury residential design product, and project and construction management, but we also have our own team of In-House Craftsmen working to bring the LRM design vision to life. We believe that even the best thought out design can suffer if the right craftsmen are not chosen. Our talented team works tirelessly to deliver our clients only the very best in quality. 


Our In-House craftsman services include: 

  • Custom Cabinetry and Millwork Design and Application

  • Custom Trim Carpentry 

  • Decorative and wide application painting

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