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Modern Provincial

An elegant, "modern traditional" kitchen remodel, designed with homeowners select personal style in mind.


Better functional layout and large Island. (Total Remodel)

Why We Love It:

Loads of small details in the cabinet trim work, backslash and beams add up to a big impact. It works seamlessly with the homeowners French Country Decor. The built in china cabinet is a nice surprise for function and to display her lovely dishware. To top it off, a custom designed and fabricated stone fireplace was installed in the breakfast area, to give the conjoining room its own addition of luxury.

What Makes It Work:

Good spacial design was the key to this kitchen remodel. Removal of an existing pantry, additions of a new window configuration doubling the amount of natural light. Balancing the structural beam layout to work with the new gave the kitchen more floor space and visual openness. The lively neutral palette, and the selections of the right materials showcases all the high end appliances and natural light freshened up the previously, closed dark space. A contemporary design was “new traditional” from not to sleek but enough warmth and friendliness to suit my client’s personalities.

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