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Lynda created LRM Design with the firm belief that access to “good design” was in reach of anyone who wished to explore its virtues. This belief is how and why she has been able to explore so many varied projects over the years. 


Her path as a professional began in the study of art, landscape architecture and architecture. To this day, Lynda credits the great design taught to her at Louisiana State University College of Design, and School of Landscape Architecture in harnessing her creative mind. This schooling instilled mindfulness of good proportion and scale, physic of the environment, and wonderment of a view. 


Surrounding herself with talented minds in these beloved areas of interest and study, she spent many years in Dallas, TX working for several top national and international design firms. Over these formative years working with leaders in the industry, she harnessed her capabilities in the vision of design, client needs and goals, and the constraints/possibilities of the reality of a product. All of which were pivotal in her growth of knowledge of the study of “good design”. 


After a time, Lynda moved to the New Orleans area where she started her own design firm LRM Design. Now, 25 years later, she is still utilizing the fundamentals of her education, producing gorgeous designs in the field of home renovation and remodeling in the greater New Orleans area. 

For more on Lynda’s design approach, please visit the About Our Projects page linked below.


James joined LRM Design in 2013, as a young, talented student of Industrial Technology at Southeastern Louisiana University. Over the last several years, James has spearheaded the evolvement of the in-house tradesmen services at LRM Design with his invaluable knowledge and exceptional understanding of 3-dimensional materials and their function and possibilities. James is first and foremost a problem solver, and in the field, he has mastered challenging design projects in a complete and seamless manner. Working alongside our other tradesmen in the field with his industrious work ethic and natural talent, James has swiftly become a master tradesman in the disciplines of custom cabinetry, custom millwork designs, decorative painting, and trim carpentry. He has been a true compliment to the process of design vision and to LRM’s finished products.

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